How it works to date
Each year companies send out millions of Christmas cards. For this countless trees are felled, tones of ink are consumed and thousands of kilometers are driven for distribution – the card finally lands barely noticed in the trash. The whole process costs the Company around 5 Swiss francs with printing and postal costs.

For just five francs building blocks for a better life can be supported in a lot of places all over the World. For example, for five francs a tree can be planted, school books can be bought or a child can be vaccinated. If a lot of people participate we can make a difference together.
How it works
The participating company chooses three projects. The company’s clients and business partners as recipients of an electronic Christmas e-mails can then choose which of these projects should be supported. Instead of printed cards a personal Christmas e-mail is sent. Each e-mail contains a personal voucher, which can be redeemed once on the fivetolife website. The customer can decide which of the three projects to support with the voucher, i.e. the money saved by using an electronic card. Participating organizations and companies sign up on the platform and enter their Christmas mail online. The Christmas greetings are ready to be sent when the address file is uploaded. Up to 50 Christmas cards participation is free. With more than 50 cards there is a fee of CHF 75 and for 100 addresses or more the fee charged is CHF 150.

We guarantee that
fivetolife is a non-profit project. 100% of the money from the redeemed vouchers goes to the projects. The operation of fivetolife is funded through additional donations. Participating companies receive a detailed statement where it can be seen how many coupons have been redeemed.
The addresses which the Christmas cards with vouchers are sent to, stem exclusively from the address database of the respective company who commissioned fivetolife.
Confidentiality and privacy are very important to us. The addresses are not disclosed to third parties or used for other purposes. fivetolife will use the contact details exclusively for mailings on behalf of the Company and will be unsolicited deleted after the Christmas campaign.

Now it’s your turn
You like the idea of fivetolife? Then subscribe for the upcoming Christmas campaign and make your customers happy at Christmas with a fivetolife e-mail. Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us. We look forward to your feedback on fivetolife.